Friday, September 14, 2018

How does EveryCoin keep its growth?

EveryCoin - Multi BlockChain

The most critical issues of cryptocurrency ICO in recent years is finding models that are capable of continuous demand and distribution. However, most ICOs are failing to secure their customers with poor user numbers and inconvenient usage.


Multi Blockchain Diagram
EveryCoin has 100,000 users of TabiPay. TabiPay is a fixed value currency that can be settled, remitted or withdrawn at any time. EveryCoin works with TabiPay as a multi-block chain. In other words, as the use of TabiPay increases, the demand for EveryCoin increases.


EveryCoin can link various block chains in addition to TabiPay also. The Aaron Platform has an Eco-Chain System that makes it easy to publish and use new block chains. The Eco-Chain System provides the tools for creating block chains easily. Generated block chains can be associated with EveryCoin in the same way as TabiPay. These Eco-Chains will become EveryCoin's Side Block Chain, increasing the demand for EveryCoin.
On a Multi Blockchain, TabiPay and Eco-Chain will continue to increase the number of users and keep increasing the demand and value of EveryCoin.

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