Saturday, September 22, 2018

EveryCoin reached SoftCap

EveryCoin achieved a softcap on September 18, the first pre-sale period. EveryCoin's softcap is 19,000 Ether, which is considerably larger than other ICOs. But our softcap has been achieved with the continued interest and investment of many investors in the short term.

The EveryCoin project has gone through a significant milestone for success and now has the foundation to successfully implement the remaining plans. Achieving Softcap will make our project more robust and attract more investors' attention and participation.

The EveryCoin team will continue to strive to reward investors' trust and will complete this project successfully. We look forward to your continued interest and support.
We would like to thank all investors who participated in private sales and presale.

Now, EveryCoin has completed the first presale successfully, and the second presale has started on September 22. Participants in the second presale can get a 25% bonus by October 20th.

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