Saturday, September 15, 2018

TabiPay System Upgrade

We are pleased to inform you that we are upgrading the TabiPay System.

The Aaron Platform consists of EveryCoin(Fluid Value Coin), TabiPay(Stable Coin). and Eco-Chains.
The TabiPay has these features.
TabiPay App
  1. Anyone can easily create a free account.
  2. We deposit EveryCoin as much as the amount issued when we issue TabiPay.
  3. The 100% of the amount of TabiPay we sold will be cash deposited in the bank.
  4. TabiPay can be used anywhere in the world by issuing global cards through the partnership with card companies and banks.
  5. In TabiPay Wallet, you can exchange with EveryCoin, various cryptocurrencies and cash in real time.
  6. You can withdraw TabiPay at any time.

These features are no plans for the future. The TabiPay system has already been developed and in use.

And now the independently used TabiPay system has been upgraded to a new platform to run as part of the Aaron Platform. The new TabiPay system will work on a Linux server like the Aaron Platform, and a new interface will be built internally to support the multi-block chain of the Aaron platform. It means that the TabiPay system will increase its stability, speed, and future scalability. And it also means preparing for linking with EveryCoin.

The upgraded version of TabiPay will increase the number of users and the demand for EveryCoin. We will announce a new TabiPay system soon after the final test.

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