Friday, October 5, 2018

EveryCoin will be listed on IDAX Exchange.

IDAX(global blockchain digital asset exchange) announced that EYC(EveryCoin) is about to enter their platform Avatar IDAX on 28 Sep 2018.

We already have partnerships with big cryptocurrency exchanges, and will increase the trading markets of EveryCoin continually. The investors will be able to trade EveryCoin on the trustworthy market.

이미지: 텍스트IDAX is a global cryptocurrency exchange which is ranked top 10 at CoinMarketCap and more than $170million are traded on IDAX in a day.

about IDAX (International Digital Asset Exchange)

IDAX (International Digital Asset Exchange) company is originated from GBC (Global Blockchain Research Center), an international blockchain research center and it’s a global digital assets service platform that is designed for blockchain exchange research.IDAX operates from GBC high-tech industrial complex in Ulaanbaatar. Our industrial complex has 33.000 M2 workspaces. The platform is designed to be trustworthy and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange which is supported with many functions such as multi-crypto currency, multi-language options, and multi-levels of security architect that ensures a safe transaction of digital asset exchange. We also strive to develop source integration, cross-border strategic partnership and develop the financial techs, and by doing so we’ll be able to boost the IDAX platform’s innovation and the developmental processes.We are in operation, in order to establish the highest quality digital asset exchange platform of the blockchain globalization according to the “Secure, prompt, stable, sophisticated/precise” activity guidance.



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