Wednesday, October 17, 2018

EveryCoin Bounty Program has Opened

EveryCoin has opened bounty program for appreciation and congratulations.

Total Bounty amount is 100,000,000 EYC(262,500 USD)
Join and get free EveryCoin up to 100,000 EYC(262.5 USD)

There are various ways to participate in our bounty program.

You can choose the social network platform which is familiar with you.
If you are interested in EveryCoin project more, you can create your article or video to get more bounty.

Join to EveryCoin: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook.
Create yourself: Blog, Media, Articles, YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook.

More details are in bounty page at this link.

> When you participate in the bounty program, please fill out the application form correctly. Especially, check the Telegram ID and Ether wallet address again.
> For getting more bounty, when you write an article or create a video, please tell your opinion. Don't copy and paste the EveryCoin homepage or whitepaper.


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